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Here is where you get... personal "121" INDIVIDUAL work with your personal Business Development Attorney...with your Experienced Business Consultant... and with your assigned CPA...within FIFTEEN custom designed BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS  to guide your business to success!   


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            Seven Week Program: $1995.00 (20 individual consulting hours)


1. Business Model - Part 1

2. Business Model - Part 2

3. Business Model - Part 3

4. Strategic Business Plan - Part 1

5. Strategic Business Plan - Part 2 & Marketing Plan Part 1

6. Strategic Business Plan - Part 3 & Marketing Plan Part 2

7. Developing Negotiation Skills


"Within a month of finishing his introductory class my income had doubled. I have been recommending your class to every business person I come into contact with... Thank you."





            Nine Week Program: $1995.00 (20 individual consulting hours)


1. Business Plan & Strategic Business Plan

2. Trust, Uniqueness & Benefits

3. Demographics & Psychographics

4. Problems, Issues & Needs

5. Products, Answers & Solutions

6. Financial Profiles & Metrics

7. Marketing & Referral Systems

8. Management & Team Development

9. Negotiating the Success


"It is not often that I feel compelled to send a message of thanks to someone who has done a service for me, but I feel that you have really stepped up and gave more than what was expected throughout the process.... You were patient, compassionate, and professional. Thank you!"




Seven Week Program: $1995.00 (20 individual consulting hours)


Week 1:  Dream, Vision & Focus and Goals, Attitudes & Skills

Week 2:  Goals, Systems, Strategies, Tactics, Schedules & Costs

Week 3:  Demographics, Psychographics and Temporal Graphics

Week 4:  Marketing, Client Acquisition and Sales Development

Week 5:  Operational Costs and Break Even Analysis

Week 6:  Frequency, Efficiency and Opportunity

Week 7:  Problems, Issues, Needs and Products, Answers and Solutions


"Shawn has been invaluable in getting my business up and running the right way. I am now organized and ready to grow in a positive direction. He has unlimited experience and can relate to any business situation. He is an important resource I will need in the future."






            Five Week Program: $1595.00 (16 individual consulting hours)


1. Agencies

2. People

3. Plans

4. Legal

5. Economic


"Thanks for all your help Shawn.  I would give you an 'A' in every category.  You have been extremely helpful in putting us on the right path.  I feel hopeful that things will get better and that we have some really good tools to move forward thanks to you."




            Ten Week Program: $1995.00 (20 individual consulting hours)


1. Entrepreneurship

2. Trust, Uniqueness & Benefit

3. Goals, Attitudes & Skills

4. Dream, Vision & Focus

5. Brains

6. Appearance

7. Time

8. Money

9. Opportunity

10. Love


It seems foolish to me to go into business without this information. I am glad i got it in my second year of business instead of waiting until my tenth, or worse yet, never getting it. Thank you."




            Seven Week Program: $1995.00 (20 individual consulting hours)


1. Problems, Issues & Needs

2. Products, Answers & Solutions

3. Frequency, Efficiency & Opportunity

4. Demographics

5. Psychographics

6. Research

7. Advantages


"I liked the way you presented the information, as it was easy to understand. You have it laid out in a learnable format and were connected to the whole group".




            Six Week Program: $1795.00 (18 individual consulting hours)


1. Goals

2. Systems

3. Strategies

4. Tactics

5. Schedules

6. Costs


"Nothing but positive feedback from the meeting; the time frame was good and we left with specific commitments from people and plans for action. It was interactive, to the point and things kept moving. "




            Five Week Program: $1595.00 (16 individual consulting hours)


1. Management teams

2. Referrals Systems

3. Marketing

4. Broadcasting

5. Targeting


"I will use this (information) to develop my business plan for funding as well as a running template as to evaluating our progress and evolution."





            Seven Week Program: $1995.00 (20 individual consulting hours)


1. Recruiting the Network Team

2. Marketing and the Web Presence

3. Management & Training

4. Motivating Employees

5. Compensation with Employees/Independent Contractors

6. Engagement of the Larger Team (National and International)

7. Career Development


"The class is excellent in many ways. It is allowing me to look outside the box. I am a thinker... What this class is orchestrating is putting my emotional thoughts as to how I see, feel and want our business to be in a more concise format that has formulas to go by."




            Nine Week Program: $1995.00 (20 individual consulting hours)


1. Marketing & Money

2. Education & Feedback

3. Engagement & Referrals

4. Fulfillment & Satisfaction

5. Customer Service & Predictability

6. Future Sales & Business Equity

7. Networks & Business Stability

8. Entertainment & Fun in your Business

9. Referrals & Growth


"I feel that your presentation was engaged everyone... there was valuable participation with almost every Board member. We had structure as well as respected input..."




            Four Week Program: $995.00 (ten hours of individual consulting hours)


1. Dream, Vision & Focus & Goals, Attitudes & Skills

2. Goals, Systems, Strategies, Tactics, Schedules & Costs

3. Demographics, Psychographics and Marketing.

4. Sales and Client/Customer Development


"I felt the meeting was very productive. You were an excellent facilitator. Kept everything moving and I felt we accomplished a lot in the time that was allocated. Most important we finished on time."





            Four Week Program: $995.00 (ten hours of individual consulting hours)


1. Operational Costs

2. Frequency, Efficiency & Opportunity

3. Financial Metrics for a Successful Business

4. Sales Forecasting


"Your heart was certainly in it and it was obvious you wish the best for each student. Thank you."




                Four Week Program: $995.00 (ten hours of individual consulting hours)


1. Marketing, Branding & Image/Identity Development

2. Advertising, Broadcasting & Targeting

3. Referral Systems

4. Network & The Internet


"His 7 week class was the most help I have received on my business venture. I will continue to work with him as I grow my business."





            Four Week Program: $995.00 (ten hours of individual consulting hours)


1. The First Three Steps to implementing a Business Plan.

2. Management & Human Resources

3. Developing Financial Metrics

4. Developing Residual Income


"Meeting Shawn Jackson seemed like destiny to me. I've been through two incorporations with him in the past year and I knew right off the bat that we would work well together. Especially when he suggested I read many of the same books that I recommend to others!"




                Eight Week Program: $1995.00 (20 individual consulting hours)


1. Topic/Issue/Perceived Problem of your choice - week one

2. Topic/Issue/Perceived Problem of your choice - week two

3. Topic/Issue/Perceived Problem of your choice - week three

4. Topic/Issue/Perceived Problem of your choice - week four

5. Topic/Issue/Perceived Problem of your choice - week five

6. Topic/Issue/Perceived Problem of your choice - week six

7. Topic/Issue/Perceived Problem of your choice - week seven

8. Topic/Issue/Perceived Problem of your choice - week eight


"He's patient, knowledgeable, and does a great job of explaining each step of the process. I've recommended him to several friends and associates." 



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 He has been able to make a complicated process more understandable and we trust him to make sure we get the right work done at the right time. I would recommend Shawn to any company who is seeking to grow their business to the next level.

Peter V.



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Shawn Jackson is a super sharp individual. Not only does he have a variety of business experience and a clear knowledge of the law, but he has an uncanny way of looking at a situation from angles that most people would never consider.

 Mickey G


The content of the business plan is always fact-specific. As you work through the process, don't forget that the business plan serves a number of purposes.  For example, the preparation process forces the owners to focus on the necessary steps to build the business.  In addition, the plan can be used to approach potential financing sources and other business partners.  Finally, the business plan is an invaluable starting point in creating a private placement memorandum for use in a formal offering of securities.

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for a

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The “Blueprint For Success” Program is composed of 120 Business Development Modules.


The BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MODULES numbered 1-40 below are the just a few of the 120 Business Development Modules within the 2013-2014 California Business Development Plans.

The ability to attract & organize others to achieve a result.








Rule of Three: “3d cube” development & triangulation of systems.

                                           BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT PLANS


1. Dream: The benefits of the bargain.

2. Vision: The look and feel of the business to achieve the “desired benefits”.

3. Mission:
What do the customers/clients perceive and want.

4. Focus: The sequences of “intent”.

5. Initial Goals: What you need to accomplish to get your business up and running.

6. Attitude: The Entrepreneurial approach.

7. Skills: Characteristics & talents of leadership.


Goals: Specific, measurable, objective, reasonable, effective, scheduled (SMORES).


 8. Systems: Internal & External Communications.

 9. Strategies: Conceptual approaches to achieve a desired result.  

10. Tactics: The specific actions to implement strategies.

11. Schedules: The specific dates and times to apply the tactics.

12. Costs: Time, resources & money.

13. Demographics: Objective criteria of your customers or prospective customers.

14. Psychographics: Psychological indicators of your customers.

15. Temporal Graphics: The “timing” of when your customers buy from you.  

16. Cultural Graphics: Understanding how to "communicate" in different groups.

17. Business Metrics: The "indicators" that you need to know.

He has been able to make a complicated process more understandable and we trust him to make sure we get the right work done at the right time. I would recommend Shawn to any company who is seeking to grow their business to the next level.

Peter V.


                                                    GOT QUESTIONS


18. Products: Those tangible items you sell to solve the clients’ “IPN”.

                Answers: The information that you know will “respond” to the clients’ “IPN”.

                Services: Those services you offer to solve the clients’ “IPN”.

                Solutions: The systems & strategies you offer for the clients’ “IPN”.


19. Competition: Who else is playing the same game or on the same field.



20. Price: The “price points” in which you will operate in the market.

                Margins: How much money will you need to “first see” in the sale?

                Placement: The strategies & tactics of how you will be “seen”.




21. Frequency: How often will you have to create “events”?

22. Efficiency: How many “events” will you need to perform in a day/week/month?


23. Opportunity: A compelling message delivered to a Targeted Audience.


24. Business Implementation: How to apply what you have learned to create profits.


25. Trust: Time, Qualifications & Tribe.

26. Uniqueness: The “one of a kind” or “few of a kind”.

27. Benefits: It is the “hole” not the drill.


28. Issues: Known business concerns that do not cause “pain”.

29. Problems: Known business concerns that cause acceptable “pain”.

                Needs: Known business concerns that cause unacceptable “pain”.


30. Business Financials: Understanding the financial dashboard of your business.

31. Business Forecasting: How to accurately predict where you will be in the future.

                Research: The critical information in order to succeed.

                Markets: What is the size & benefit of the playing field?

                Advantages: So, what makes you so special & cool?


                Disadvantages: How do you “measure up” to the competition?




32. Business Cash Flow: Understanding how to have the "cash" when you need it.

33. Business Budgets: Plan for what you will have and how you will spend it.

34: Business Footprint: Cost to the planet for your "being in your business".

                Accounting: Know where the money comes from and where it is going.

                Brains: What you need to know in your business to succeed.  

                Appearance: How your business “appears”.

               Legal: What you don’t know can destroy your business (think you know…)






                             Succession & Transition   

                                         NEED A BUSINESS CONSULTANT


35. Business Ideas: Ideas are the germination seeds for great businesses.

36. Business Plan One: This is the "Traditional" financial Business Plan.

37. Business Plan Two: This is the "Management" Business Plan.

38. Business Plan Three: "Entrepreneurial" Business Plan for residual income.

39. Strategic Business Plan: This plan is specifically designed for the next 90 days.


40. Marketing: How to communicate your “message” effectively.





Referral Systems: Often one of the best ways to expand your business.

                                  Strategic Alliances

                                  Power Teams

Broadcasting: Send out the message to “all”.

Target Marketing: Sending out the message to a “privileged few”.


Web Presence: Yes, a website is a “must have” in the 21st century.  


                                  Social Networks

         Client Acquisition: How to attract, sell to and keep customers/clients for life.

                                  Lead Generation

                             Lead Conversion

Management: How well do you play with others?

                                  Human Resources


Employees: How to successfully develop the “in-house” team”

How independent contractors are better/worse than employees.

“It is not often that I feel compelled to send a message of thanks to someone who has done a service for me, but I feel that you have really stepped up and gave more than what was expected throughout the process….
You were patient, compassionate, and professional.
Thank you!”



                                     BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT PLANS

Sales Forecasting: How to create foreseeable income and clients.

                       Sales Development

Customer Satisfaction: Be nice, be professional, satisfy them or lose them.





Financial Metrics: Understand how the “money/cost/income” works & develops.  

                       Operational Costs

                       Break Even Analysis






                       Financial Freedom



1.    Industry Background and Opportunities

(A)   Prepare a description of the industry and market in which the company is going to participate.  The description should evidence complete command of the relevant technology and demographics.

(B)   Identify a specific problem or opportunity that follows from the description of the market and that is not being readily addressed by existing companies or technologies.

(C)   Identify a "solution," in the form of a technology, product and/or service that the company proposes to develop that will address the problem or opportunity in the marketplace.

2.    Company's Business Model

(A)   Prepare a description of the company's assets, resources, and proposed business model. 

(B)   Prepare a description of the company's business strategy, including a concise list or statement  of key operational and financial goals and the steps to be taken in order to achieve those goals.


3.    Management and Advisors

(A)   Prepare a description of the managers of the company.  Even the best business model won't  succeed without a good management team.

(B)   Prepare a list of any key advisors to the business.  Consideration should be given to forming  a board of advisors that can provide consultation and support and serve as references for the managers and  the business model.

4.    Financial Information and Projections

Prepare historical and projected financial information regarding the company.  It is common to include  income statement and balance sheet data for up to the last five years of the company's operations (or such  shorter period that the company has been in existence).  Projection of future financial performance should  be accompanied by a description of the assumptions used regarding costs of sales, tax and interest rates,  inflation, marketing and sales costs, research and development, etc. 

*Conditions for: ASK your BUSINESS PLAN  QUESTION, via email, to get FREE BUSINESS PLAN  ANSWERS. Please be advised that we select questions each day from the many email questions that we receive. From this selection, we choose which ones we believe, in our unilateral discretion, as to be the ones most likely to have the broader impact/benefit for our website visitors.

We reserve the right to answer certain questions and not to answer other questions. If your question does not get answered within 48 - 72 hours, feel free to re-ask the question since we make selections and choices every day.

If you would like to get specific answers to your questions and would like to engage this BUSINESS PLAN & BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT office to assist you in any legal or business development issue and you would like to know more about our hourly rates, feel free to contact us anytime.


Demographics, Psychographics & Temporal (timing) Graphics


When it comes to finding your ideal client, there is a basic principle that you must remember. Your prospects buy what you sell because they have specific needs or wants. Your job as a business owner is to IDENTIFY & LOCATE those individuals and then to know, understand and deliver the solutions for those needs and wants, which will differ depending on each specific business. Therefore, it's critical that you know exactly who, what, where and when your prospect's needs and wants are.



If you distill it down to one significant purpose, it would be to create a match between your buyer and your product or service. There are three primary categories of information that will assist you with this determination.


Demographic, psychographic and temporal graphics enhancement data can dramatically improve a target marketing program because this information is critical to determining who and where to focus your marketing dollars, what to promote to that identified group and when to tell them about your “opportunity” and “benefits”. 

Specifically, such data can be used to profile a database, create homogeneous "life-stage" segments, assist in building powerful predictive models, and increase the "profitability" of customers.

As you might imagine, a business's ability to accurately identify the demographics, psychographics and temporal graphics of their target market in order to properly communicate with them is critical. Trying to communicate with your prospective clients/customers without knowing that you are speaking to the right "decision makers" who have the right qualifications to benefit from your product at a time when they are most in need or "want" is like fishing when you do not know where your are at, what the fish like to "bite on" and when the fish are biting.

So, I would suggest that if there is just one aspect of marketing in lead generation and lead conversation that is the most important it is properly understanding your "graphics" and knowing how to apply the requisite "metrics" to grow and expand your business. 



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